Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Science Night 2011: Introduction to Infrared World

Science Night 2011 took place in 23rd September. Several members of ULSPIE Student Chapter took part in organizing the activities. I decided to introduce students with the infrared world. 

Simple infrared camera was build from a color camera replacing infrared filter (originally build-in) with visible light filter. Two tungsten filament lamps were used for illumination. Spectral sensitivity of such system could be characterized in the range 900...1100 nm. Camera was oriented so that visitors could see themselves on the screen on the wall.

First post: new website

Welcome to our new website. I have the honor to make the first post here.

We decided to switch to Blogger, because it's free, simple and more user friendly compared with the old platform. Saved funds will be allocated to other chapter activities. We hope that this option will allow our website become more dynamic and attractive.