Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Science Night 2011: Introduction to Infrared World

Science Night 2011 took place in 23rd September. Several members of ULSPIE Student Chapter took part in organizing the activities. I decided to introduce students with the infrared world. 

Simple infrared camera was build from a color camera replacing infrared filter (originally build-in) with visible light filter. Two tungsten filament lamps were used for illumination. Spectral sensitivity of such system could be characterized in the range 900...1100 nm. Camera was oriented so that visitors could see themselves on the screen on the wall.

Demonstration was designed as "magicians tricks":
  • Yoda's figure in a glass of Coca-Cola, which is not visible to the eye, but appears on the screen of infrared camera (see figure);
  • Hedgehog drawing hidden under under clothing, which also can be seen only in infrared light;
  • Five-lats banknote "fading";
  • Hair and clothing color changes.
An infrared snapshot of volunteer was taken at the end of demonstration and sent to e-mail together with a description of infrared light and its applications, as well as video guide how to create your own infrared camera.

A portrait gallery of ~200 people - well done job feeling :) Once again made sure that simple and humorous approach gives better results when you need it to reach a wide audience.

Here you can find some video tutorials to make your own infrared camera:

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