Friday, September 26, 2014

Fresh Baked New Board of the UL SPIE Chapter

The new academic year has brought changes in the University of Latvia SPIE (UL SPIE) chapter - four young and motivated UL SPIE members took a challenge to continue their activities as the members of the Board of the UL SPIE chapter

Pic.1. The new Board of the UL SPIE chapter. From the left:
 T. Pladere, M. Lange, A. Bundulis and B. Zutere.

On the 5th of September the new Board of the UL SPIE chapter was elected:
President - Marta Lange;
Vice-president - Arturs Bundulis;
Secretary - Brigita Zutere;
Treasurer - Tatjana Pladere.

For M. Lange, A. Bundulis and B. Zutere it is going to be the first time on the Board, however T. Pladere will carry on her activities. The new members of the Board have actively participated in the organization of various events as well as in organization of the annual scientific conferences "Developments in Optics and Communications", seminars on physics field, Pizza Party / KHET Laser game tournament / Movie Night etc.

Pic.2. The inauguration of the new UL SPIE chapter President.
From the left: the new President M. Lange and the ex-President I. Saknite.

Members of the UL SPIE chapter thank a lot and commend Inga Saknite for all her hard work as a previous chapter President for 3 years! The new Board and members look forward to work with our new officers as well and welcome new members to enjoy their membership, take all the challenges that SPIE can offer and always be active and open minded! 

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