Thursday, October 1, 2015

The New-elected UL SPIE Board is Ready for Novel Challenges

On the 28th of September the new Board of the University of Latvia SPIE Student chapter was elected:
President - Elza L. Linina;
Vice-president - Paula Jankovska;
Secretary - Brigita Zutere;
Treasurer - Matiss Lacis.

Fig. 1. The New-elected Board. From left: B. Zutere, E.L. Linina and Matiss Lacis

We can proudly pronounce that the new-elected President of the University of Latvia SPIE Student Chapter is a physics student Elza L. Linina. It is known that Elza has the motivation and traits of character that make a good chapter president – she is punctual and able to get everything done in time, Elza is very well organized and know how to manage tasks efficiently. With practice it is believed that she would soon learn to delegate tasks to other chapter members as well and to follow important events, and warn of deadlines.

Over the last year Elza has also acquired the experience necessary as well as gained new insights to become a good leader. Organizing the conference "Developments in Optics and Communications 2015" and taking part in the SPIE Leadership Workshop 2015 have given her the courage and initiative to try and be a good leader.

Fig. 2. New-elected President of the UL SPIE Chapter - Elza L. Linina

This is what Elza replied to the question - Why is physics fun? -“Physics is capable of giving an insight to the most incredible natural phenomena and concepts in the Universe. Anyone truly interested in understanding how the world works will sooner or later have to face physics in all its complexity and beauty. The stunning thing about physics is that it can be an infinite source of information and ideas not only in the laboratory or when doing hands-on experiments but also in the curious mind itself. A lot of discoveries have been made without ever leaving the room – throught experiments, ideas to take you into a black hole and back – that is what physics is capable of.
And it is fun in a sense that there are no limitations to what you can try to do with it. As the famous fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke wrote: “When a distinguished but elderly scientist states that something is possible, he is almost certainly right. When he states that something is impossible, he is very probably wrong.” That is where the fun is – to do something that no one ever before has, to
discover, to do physics.”

Fig. 3. A part of the UL SPIE Chapter members

Members of the UL SPIE Student Chapter thanks a lot and commend Marta Lange for all her hard work as a previous chapter President for a year! The new Board and members look forward to work with our new officers as well and welcome new members to enjoy their membership, take all the challenges that SPIE can offer and always be active and open minded! 

In order to become a new member of the University of Latvia SPIE Student Chapter, please contact to the President Elza L. Linina ( or write to e-mail

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