Saturday, April 23, 2016

New Board of the UL SPIE: A Promising Team

       A new team with a broad perspective, prospecting goals and promising results, already showing signs of future success has already started work, in a word, the new Board of the University of Latvia SPIE (UL SPIE) Student chapter had been elected:

President: Matiss Lacis;
Vice-president: Paula Jankovska;
Secretary: Brigita Zutere;
Treasurer: Elza Linina.

The new-elected Board: from left - Elza Linina, Paula Jaunkovska, Matiss Lacis and Brigita Zutere

      The new President B.Sc.Eng. Matiss is fully committed to increase the chapter's performance. To put it in his own words: “I joined the UL SPIE at the time when helping hands were in high demand, so I quickly learned how to cooperate and work in a group. Since then I have participated in organizing two of the UL SPIE biggest events "Developments in Optics and Communications" in continuous years: 2015 and 2016. I have also attended a few conferences and workshops myself - to learn about leadership and working in a group. For about 1 year, I have been the Treasurer of the UL SPIE and have a lot of experience in management of small groups of people.
         My main reason of being a member of  the UL SPIE is to share my enthusiasm in Physics with others and to meet like-minded students to share our experience and scientific discoveries in optics.
         As the new President of the UL SPIE I will focus on motivating our members to participate in organizing new events and to keep our traditional ones in high level. For this year I have planned several outreach events that would lead to increase of our member count. It is also important to build a good relationship between our neighboring SPIE chapters. One of such events will be the International experience exchange on the river Abava on the 29th of April with members of the Wroclaw University of Technology Student chapter from Poland who will come and wisit us in Latvia.
      As we are a team and every member is important for us, I have planned team building activities this year that will help us to know each other better.
         I hope I will inspire new students to learn more about amazing phenomena called Optics.
President of the UL SPIE - Matiss Lacis

           Also, the Vice-president, promising B.phys. Paula is very thankful for this and admits that it has made her feel like her work is really appreciated by saying: “My endless desire for adventures is what made me to join UL SPIE and I'm not disappointed. Although UL SPIE Student chapter is a small organisation every member and event that we have experienced together have given me the feeling like we are part of something big and important.
            My plan for the future? We should make new friends and partners, this way we could level up our game and by game I mean spread the word about optics and photonics as an interesting subject for scientists, young scientists, students and even school-children.”

Vice-president of the UL SPIE - Paula Jankovska

            Meanwhile the Secretary of the UL SPIE M.Sc. Brigita replied: “By performing the duties of Secretary, I would like to continue my previous actions hand in hand with the Board. To my mind, in order to reach common goals it is the teamwork that characterizes every result-oriented organization. 
            I am ready to carry out new reforms within the chapter by increasing members' participation in the joint implementation process, as well as attracting new members in order to increase the UL SPIE Student Chapter's performance and outreach.
          Last but not least, I have had represented the name of the UL SPIE at the international level which has given me the inspiration to increase the Latvian Student Chapter members' leadership abilities. I believe that international cooperation is one of the key factors that strengthens the chapter’ s positions and gives an advantage to reach high goals.”

Secretary of the UL SPIE - Brigita Zutere
           The new Board and members look forward to work with our new-elected officers as well and welcome new members to enjoy their membership, take all the challenges that SPIE can offer and always be active and open minded! 
      In order to become a new member of the University of Latvia SPIE Student Chapter, please contact to the President Matiss Lacis ( or write to e-mail

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