Thursday, October 6, 2016

T. Pladere: Three Main Reasons why to Attend Conference “Optics + Photonics”

UL SPIE member Tatjana Pladere
It was my second time to attend the international conference “Optics + Photonics”, which was held in always sunny San Diego, CA, USA. On the one hand, I already knew what to expect but on the other hand, I was sure that experience gained due to participation in this conference and travelling in the States could never be the same. 

For a student, this way to another continent starts with a hard work on his or her research and active involvement in the life of the SPIE Student chapter. Previous time I used the opportunity of attending the conference as the UL SPIE Chapter’s officer. Now, I was supposed to prove meaningfulness of my research work and activities in the optics outreach. As you may guess, it took time and effort, and was totally worth it. I am very grateful to SPIE for their generosity and strong belief in young scientists due to which they invest and support so much

It’s not a surprise that “Optics + Photonics” is the Holy Grail for researchers and business people who work in optical engineering, photonics, laser industry or related fields. Moreover, it is included in SPIE TOP 5 conferences. I was wondering about three main reasons for that. Firstly, conference offers the huge number of activities. In addition to traditional presentations and poster sessions there are many useful workshops on different topics, exhibition and special events for advancing networking, promoting ideas and celebrating success. Secondly, it is the number of attendants which is fascinating (this year it was more than 1400 people from all around the world). That means that you have all possibilities to meet whoever you want to talk with – master and PhD students, young or experienced researchers, business sharks and maybe your future employers from big international companies, and so on. Imagine yourself in this situation. Who would you like to present yourself to? What would you ask him? And the last point but not the least one is that it is held in San Diego, which is marvellous place to stay. San Diego’s perfectly warm weather is something that I can’t stop thinking about when it is rainy and cool in Riga.  

Throw back of the conference "Optics + Photonics 2016"

This year I travelled together with UL SPIE Chapter members Paula Jankovska and Karola Panke. Thank you, girls, for a lot of fun, support and unforgettable adventure! Learn more about this trip and Paula’s thoughts on advantages of being SPIE student.

To sum up, I have left one question for some readers here. Dear potential new members, what are you still waiting for? Get involved, work actively and very soon your ideas will be presented to the entire world in the SPIE conference “Optics + Photonics” in the USA. Sounds like good motivation, doesn’t it? Apply now by contacting University of Latvia SPIE Student President Matīss Lācis:

Looking forward to seeing you in our meetings soon!

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