Tuesday, January 17, 2017

UL SPIE: Highlights in 2016

New year is a new beginning with fresh ideas and new goals. It is also the time to analyze what have we had achieved last year, what activities have been organized by us. Let’s see whether we - University of Latvia SPIE (UL SPIE) Student chapter - have been on the right track in 2016?
UL SPIE team in Christmas Holiday mood
They say that a great team is a key to success, and by working together we have realized that the actual key to success are driven people who are goal-oriented and willing to work hard side by side for a common cause. Starting with a Mr. President Matiss Lacis who is inspiring and uplifting the whole team by showing an example how to start an idea, ending with all those goal-oriented members who help to complete the project. Passion is what makes working fun and gives us energy.

For us this feedback is essential in order to learn what is working and what is not. It helps us to understand whether we are on the right track. Feedback, healthy criticism is a crucial element for learning and growth.

More followers at our social network 
Number of our followers is growing gradually. More and more like-minded individuals are following us, liking and sharing our posts. Nowadays, social media is a great way how to promote and share our ideas and activities across the globe. We would really like to become more active and get attention from others with our web articles and topics related to both: science and entertainment.

Mr. President likes our Student chapter a lot

Moderate activity on monthly meetings
Oh well, everybody tend to be busy with his or her own activities and priorities. Unfortunately there are only a few people who are regularly attending the open monthly meetings, some who are not in the city or cannot make it, participate via internet (thank you, brothers Estonians, for inventing Skype :)).
Nevertheless, we need to work on this issue and attract more of our members to communicate eye to eye not only via e-mails.

New friendships
We are happy that UL SPIE has found a soul mate among all the SPIE Student chapters worldwide. Our buddies are guys from the Wrocław University of Science and Technology (WUST) OSA and SPIE Student chapter (Poland). Imagine, after a co-organized project with WUST, a student from Wrocław who is studying Optometry came to Riga for a  2 month internship. And that is only the beginning.

Here they are - girls into Optometry
Hosting of old traditions
The organization of the international conference for the 12th time in a row is a quite nice accomplishment. As you already suspect, we are talking about Developments in Optics and Communicationsor DOC. The spirit of the organizers team differs year by year, also student’s activity is a quite unpredictable measure. Still, we strongly believe that this conference is a significant milestone for each young scientist and researcher who is making his or her first footprints in the field of science.

DOC participant's survival kit

Let’s hear what our Mr. President Matiss is judging about the last year’s activities: “Year 2016 was very productive for our student chapter. We had increased our team by 8 members and organized a few memorable events. As every year, the most important event was our international conference “Developments in Optics and Communications 2016”, where participants could meet such professors as Dr. Florian Gahbauer and Dr. Igor Meglinski. We have received a SPIE Outreach Activity grant and organized our experiments and demonstrations in optics and photonics for general public. Last year had brought to us a lot of new ideas that would be implemented for this and years to come.

One love, one UL SPIE

To summarize - our balance sheet is positive. Still, we have to grow and strengthen our role among students. So, if you feel the spirit of a scientist and have a desire to improve your skills, feel free to join our Student chapters with your great ideas.

Happy UL SPIE!

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