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Insights about conference “DOC Riga 2017”

One of the biggest events in Latvian photonics and optics research life successfully took place in the beginning of April, 2017. Yes, we are talking about the 13th international young scientist conference Developments in Optics and Communications 2017 (DOC Riga 2017). This conference was jointly organized by the University of Latvia SPIE student chapter and OSA Latvian student chapter hand in hand by more than 15 active organizers.

Participants in the Closing ceremony

During those two conference days students and young scientists working experimentally and theoretically in the fields of optics and photonics gathered to share and exchange new ideas, and to establish contacts for future collaboration. In DOC Riga conferences, the organizers make sure that not only the academic skills are being improved, but also a soft skill workshop and a nice social event programme is being offered.

Ms. Inga Brice was awarded for the Best Talk on the topic
"Acetone and benzene detection using CRDS"
Traditionally, the best poster and the best oral presentations receive an award. This year, the best speech award was given to Inga Brice (Latvia) for her talk “Acetone and benzene detection using CRDS” and the best poster was presented by Anton Sdobnov from Finland (“Intralipid thawing observation by Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging”). Learn more about the scientific researches presented by the conference participants in the online abstract book.
Mr. Anton Sdobnov who got the Best Poster Award sharing latest advancements about
"Intralipid thawing observation by Laser Speckle Contrast Imaging"

Organizers were excited to welcome here participants and invited speakers from 10 different countries: Poland, Belarus, Nigeria, India, Finland, Russia, Latvia, Ukraine, Greece and the Netherlands. Therefore, we made a great opportunity to get to know each other and all the cultures, countries represented in the conference - possibly, one of the most interesting social activities was the international evening for the international PARTYcipants. In order to take full advantage of the great capital city of Latvia, all the participants were kindly invited to take a part in the tour to Old Riga.

Also, participants had a great chance to join an activity to learn more about how to manage an  effective conversation. A workshop on soft skills was conveyed by our long-term UL SPIE member Tatjana Pladere.

Mr. Nkopanke Abraham Eno presenting his scientific poster

Here are some reflections from the conference participants. Let’s see what Abraham Eno from Nigeria thinks about his first experience in Latvia:
“A multi-talented platform for young scientists and students to exchange ideas, as well as research experience on topical issues with practical relevance. I really enjoyed every part of the conference, it was very well organised. Presentations were so engaging and very beneficial. It was really a very good experience for me personally. The conference is over but I’m yet to recover from the positive impact it had on me. DOCRIGA 2017 was Da Bomb.”

Mr. Dhananjay Patel working with his team in the soft skills workshop

Also, PhD student
Dhananjay Patel from India has shared his memories about the conference:

“I have attended and organized several conferences in India, but this was my first conference outside my country. The conference was well organized and conducted. The quality of research work presented was astonishing. The keynote speakers did their best for delivering even the minute details of their research work. Besides technical studies, the workshop conducted by Tatjana Pladere about soft skills was quite innovative and refreshing. The city of Riga being so beautiful have surely added colors to the conference. We had a great sightseeing there. The last program of the conference "The International Evening" gave us a blast. I am definitely gonna take some lovely memories back to my country In the end, I would like to thank the organizers, especially Matiss, Marta and Brigita for their support and teamwork. This is not the time to say DASVIDANYA, but it’s a start of a new beginning..”
Mr. Egor Gurvitz was presenting in the workshop

As well as, Egor Gurvitz from Russia was positively satisfied about conference attendance:
"In addition to writing formulas for the development of science, not less important is the development of scientific communication, inspiration of young scientists for new creative achievements and success during workshops and conferences. That was 100% done by the University of Latvia SPIE/OSA Student chapter during the international conference DOC Riga 2017 in Riga. Lots of young students from several countries took a part in the conference, I was really impressed by the high level of conference organization, number of conference topics and cordiality, as well as hospitality of the hosts. They are making a great contribution to the development of optics and photonics in the best traditions of SPIE and OSA, and I would like to thank them for their great job. Also, I would like to thank to all the organizers for their passion and other participants for their attendance - it was an excellent meeting!"
The conference “Developments in Optics and Communications” would not be possible without the members of the SPIE and OSA student chapters from the University of Latvia. The volunteering work by organizing this event is not only a great chance to prove themselves in scientific event managing, but also a wonderful example for others. We would like to note the conference chair Matiss Lacis, who successfully leaded the organizers team.

Mr. President Matiss Lacis and the invited speaker prof. Harilaos Ginis

A special gratitude to the support organizations SPIE and OSA, as well as the local sponsors: “OPTEK”, and the University of Latvia for their financial support. Thanks to Cannelle Bakery, Gemoss and Zelta Rieksts for their delicious refreshments. The organizing committee is grateful to Harilaos Ginis (Greece) and Johannes de Boer (Netherlands) for coming to Latvia and giving their wonderful talks about latest advancements in optics and photonics. Thanks to the local scientists Marcis Auzins, Dmitrijs Bliznuks, Anatolijs Sarakovskis, as well as Maris Ozolins for insights in  their scientific research topics.

A short photo-story about our academical adventures is available online.

Looking forward to seeing you in DOC Riga 2018!

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