Friday, April 6, 2018

Exploring the Advancements in Optics Among the Beautiful Trentino Mountains

Brigita and Marta

Our friend and partner University of Trento SPIE Student chapter hosted the 6th International Symposium on Optics and Its Applications (Optics 2018) at the end of February, 2018. Latvian girls whose hearts belong to optics were happy to attend this event in Povo-Trento, Italy. University of Latvia SPIE Chapter members Marta and Brigita are sharing their insights.

It is essential to create international networks while working in the field of science. The goal of this symposium was to bring together experienced and young researchers from various countries working in the field of optics, and to provide a perfect setting for their discussions of the most recent developments in that area. In total 14 invited speakers from 10 different European Research Institutions presented their work on different research topics. Participants spent 4 days full of very impressive talks, discussions, friendly coffee breaks, Italian food in a middle of the beautiful Trentino mountains.

Participants, organizers and guest lecturers of OPTICS 2018
Uni of Latvia SPIE Student chapter vice-president Marta Lange represented her research on portable optical device for diagnostics of skin malformations. She shares her experience: “The conference was really valuable for me both professionally and personally. I really enjoyed the invited speakers, as well as the talks of young scientists and other PhD students from all over the world, as well as got valuable feedback on my research from our international colleagues. Also, I would like to thank the organizers of Optics 2018 for their hard work organizing this conference and social events. Last, but not least, the amazing Trento nature and the mountains in the spring are really an inspiring environment for science to prosper. Hope to come back and visit again someday!”
Marta with her research poster
 Also Brigita Zutere who is Uni of Latvia Alumni member was glad to attend the symposium and both hear about the latest advancements in research on optics field and meet there her friends: “Thanks to non-formal education and leadership skills I got while being a part of the SPIE, I had grown as a personality, despite the fact that I have changed the field I’m working in now. In each of the conferences I meet a lot of enthusiastic, young and promising researchers, and the loveliest part of it is to understand each other and become true friends on a different level.”

Brigita and Marta presenting UL SPIE Chapter at the poster session
We would like to thank our supporters: SPIE and University of Latvia.The scientific work presented at the conference by PhD student Marta Lange was supported by the European Regional Development Fund project “Portable Device for Non-contact Early Diagnostics of Skin Cancer” (No.

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