Friday, September 14, 2018

SPIE Optics + Photonics 2018: take your research to the next level!

Optics + Photonics is the largest multidisciplinary optical sciences meeting in North America which is annually attended by members of UL SPIE chapter. This time Emilija and Tatjana traveled to the States in the middle of August to gain new experience and discuss their research with peers and experts from the whole world.

Participants of Optics and Photonics 2018 [1]

Optics + Photonics took place in the beautiful city of San Diego in South California which is a popular social hub on its own, but the conference itself includes not only numerous talks and poster sessions, but also a wide variety of different social, networking and professional development events.

While Emilija attended it as a participant, Tatjana took an opportunity to facilitate in the Leadership Workshop that was held just before the conference. “The Leadership Workshop is the event where students from many countries meet each other, learn a lot and spend great time together,” - commented Tatjana. “In the beginning, the most of students hesitate to step out of their comfort zone, start communicating and networking. It was a pleasure to help, share my experience and encourage the students who came for the first time.” At the same time, Emilija joined a group of SPIE student chapter members from different parts of the world to complete exercises about the art of persuasion and leadership such as answering the fundamental question “What makes a good leader?”

What about illustrating leadership skills by using some Physics metaphors? [1]

Later Tatjana conducted the professional development course “Capturing audience attention” for SPIE students and early career members. “Effective attention getting is one of the crucial skills that each student should develop to deliver a message successfully to other researchers, peers, professors or sponsors. I prepared the course to demonstrate the specifics of human attention system, discuss pros and cons of different attention getting strategies,” - explained Tatjana. “Active participation of the audience and the received feedback were truly inspiring.”
Around 200 student chapter leaders from around the world learn together in the SPIE Student Chapter Leadership Workshop [1]
In the poster session, Emilija presented the research “An optical, non-invasive device for skin cancer screening” which is being developed at the Biophotonics Laboratory in the Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy. “We hope that the research we do will help not only people in Latvia but also everywhere around the globe!” - she commented. Tatjana outlined the newest results in studying the visual perception for volumetric displays and answered questions about the technical realization of 3D visualization.
SPIE inspires countless young students around the world [1]
At the height of the conference, the SPIE Student Chapter poster exhibition took place where Emilija and Tatjana talked about all the great activities UL chapter had been conducting over the last year while also discussing what other chapters were doing. “It was great to share the experience of organizing our very own international young scientists conference - Developments in Optics and Communications. Attendees could hardly believe that it had taken place for 14 years already!” - proudly said Emilija.

Special thanks goes to the SPIE and the Department of Optometry and Vision Science at the University of Latvia, as well as to Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy and European Regional Development Fund project “Portable Device for Non-contact Early Diagnostics of Skin Cancer” (No. for the provided support.

The new year of studies has begun and we invite students to get involved and join UL SPIE chapter. Develop your research and career! Don’t wait for the perfect moment - apply today


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