Monday, October 22, 2018

Date with SPIE – let’s get connected!

On the warm evening of October 18, UL SPIE hosted a welcoming event “Date with SPIE” [1] in the Faculty of Physics, Mathematics and Optometry at the University of Latvia [2]. It was intended to give an idea of various opportunities available for SPIE student members.

Playing ice-breaking bingo game and learning interesting facts about each other.

In the beginning of the meeting, UL SPIE President Emilija gladly welcomed everyone and invited to enjoy the evening. As far as the most of attendees met each other for the first time, the evening continued with some nice icebreakers. Firstly, a new way of decoding for the magical abbreviation “SPIE” was suggested. Each attendee wrote Latvian words that started with the letters S, P, I and E. Following that, the words were mixed and put in a random order, consequently, leading to the invention of the new amazing variants for “SPIE” meaning.

Secondly, the people bingo game was introduced. Attendees talked to each other whilst finding out who, for instance, could sing a song about California, came from Kurzeme, or could speak at least three languages. The time was limited, thus it became a speed dating that wonderfully helped to learn not only names but also some interesting facts about each other.

Afterwards, UL SPIE Vice-President Tatjana gave a presentation about the SPIE and numerous opportunities to get involved. She energetically described the benefits of joining and becoming an active member of the SPIE community. Moreover, an outline was given about different events organised by UL SPIE and the plans for the nearest future. Then attendees asked their questions about monthly chapter meetings and the main aims of the organisation.

The evening concluded with food, drinks and playing the khet laser game allowing everyone to network, socialize and learn more about the SPIE [3]. UL SPIE Treasurer Ilze and Secretary Nellija generously shared their stories about adventures and reasons of being active chapter members.

Playing games, networking and discussing the advantages of being involved.

We would like to extend a special thanks to everyone who attended the event! 
Let’s keep in touch, great people!


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