Tuesday, October 29, 2019

This time the scientific student seminar was spooky!

Coinciding with the spooky season our chapter had a scientific student seminar at the University of Latvia, House of Science on October 24th. It was the 4th such seminar since the beginning of the program. This program is designed for students to present their ideas, research, as well as Bachelor, Master and PhD works in a friendly environment. 

One of the presentations was given by Valts Liepiņš and Emīlija Vija Ploriņa who teamed up to talk about the basic unit of information in quantum computers - the Qubit. They talked about how bits and qubits are represented and compared them. 

Emilija and Valts inviting UL SPIE members to think about Qubits

The idea behind this presentation was to invite ULSPIE members to cooperate in creating a new demonstration that could be used to educate the general public on the basic function of quantum computers since these devices are still mysterious to most people. The talk covered both the superposition principle as well as quantum entanglement a.k.a. "spooky action at a distance", and the recent research on the topic. 

If you are interested in joining our team which will work on this demonstration write to us at info@ulspie.lv! 

Inga talking about the benefits of using a publication management program
Our chapter member Inga Brice presented the benefits of the publication management program "Mendeley Desktop". She went over the various applications of this program, little lifehacks the students can use when working on their research, its features and the installation process. If you have any questions about using this program don't hesitate to come to our meetings and ask our members! The UL SPIE meeting schedule is available on the right hand side of this website.

See you on the next scientific student seminar!


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