Monday, November 25, 2019

Scientific Student Seminar hijacked by light reflecting from concave surfaces

On the 21st of November, UL SPIE chapter held a Scientific Student Seminar at the University of Latvia, House of Science. The fifth seminar was taken over by students working in the Laboratory of Quantum Optics. Lāse Mīlgrāve, Pauls Reinis, Roberts Berķis and Kristians Dragūns presented their research projects and achievements to prepare for the official annual report which is delivered to the management team. The joint topic was about whispering gallery resonators (WGMR). The participation in the seminar was a valuable opportunity for students to present their research in a friendly environment and receive some valuable feedback as well as gain confidence.

Participants of the 5th student seminar organised by UL SPIE chapter

Lāse and Pauls are working on a WGMR based humidity sensor and have teamed up to create a measurement system from scratch. They described various challenges that were encountered in the process. Roberts is investigating the WGMR as a temperature sensor and is working on improving the experiential system that was built while working on his Bachelor thesis. Kristians is modeling WGMR structures in COMSOL. He received various requests from his colleagues to verify them and the time of the last compilation was 1 h 37 min. 

Kristians explaining the modelled data of WGMR coated with different thicknesses of ZnO

UL SPIE chapter member Valts Liepiņš also used the opportunity to practice his presentation skills and prepare for the upcoming conference. He presented his work about modelling the aorta of patients. Valts shared his concerns and solutions for working and processing people aorta data as it came with unique shapes and sizes.

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