Monday, April 25, 2022

DOC Riga 2022

The 18th international conference "Developments in Optics and Communications 2022" was held on April 21-22, bringing together students and experts from science fields such as biophonics, visual science, laser physics and spectroscopy, optical materials and phenomena, and optics in communications. The conference was held online virtually for a 2nd time in a row. More than 50 participants from all over the world participated in the conference to present the latest developments in the above-mentioned sections. Oral sessions were held in Zoom and Poster sessions in Gather Town

Oral presentation sessions were held in Zoom (left) and Poster sessions in Gather Town (right).

The conference was opened by the developments in Laser Physics and Spectroscopy section. The invited guest speaker Toby Bi (Germany) introduced the participants to the Microresonator-based Optical Frequency combs. The next section of Optical Materials and Phenomena looked at at the various achievements in material and various phenomena used in optical systems. Invited speaker Virginija Vitola introduced the participants to the mechanical stress visualization using mechanoluminescence. The second day of the conference was opened with the Vision Science section, during which the invited speaker, Svarverud Ellen (Norway), introduced participants to the Visual challenges and benefits in the world of XR-displays. The fourth and final section of the conference, Biophotonis and Optics in Communications, outlined the research aspects and their current situation. The section was opened by Inga Saknite, presenting the participants with Light-based technologies for clinical impact.

Invited speakers for the 18th international conference "Developments in Optics and Communications 2022"

At the end of the conference we were honored to present the awards for the best oral presentation and the best poster presentations to participants. Best oral presentation was awarded to Emilija Vija Plorina for the talk “Laser speckle imaging system for antibacterial resistance assessment” and best poster presentation was awarded to Adriana Maurucaite for poster “Light-emitting electrochemical cells with carbazole derivatives with pyridinium ions as emitters”.

Best oral presentations (left) and best poster presentation (right). Congratulations!

We would like to express our gratitude to all the speakers, guests and conference chairs, organizing and scientific committee for the amazing two day conference!

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