Become a member

If you are a student interested in Optics and Photonics or any related field of research, you are welcome to become a member of University of Latvia SPIE student chapter! Automatically, you will become a member of SPIE as well.

Please, contact the current president of the chapter Emilija Vija Plorina ( to receive more information and get involved. The registration is very easy, and soon you will become a part of one of the leading Optics organizations with professionals and researchers from all over the world.

Some of the advantages of becoming a member:
  • Available scholarships to attend SPIE Symposiums and conferences;
  • Every year one chapter officer can receive a Travel grant to attend SPIE Optics & Photonics in San Diego, USA;
  • Access to SPIE Digital library;
  • Access to Online Journals;
  • etc.
You can find more information HERE.


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