Scientific topics

Members of University of Latvia SPIE student chapter work in various scientific topics which are connected to Optics and Photonics. Scientific institutions that are represented are:
  • Faculty of Physics and Mathematics, University of Latvia;
  • Institute of Solid State Physics , University of Latvia;
  • Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy, University of Latvia;
  • Institute of Telecommunications, Riga Technical University;
  • Faculty of Medicine, University of Latvia;
  • Faculty of Biology, University of Latvia;
  • Faculty of Applied Chemistry and Material Science, Riga Technical University;
  • Faculty of Transport and Mechanical Engineering, Riga Technical University;
  • Laser Centre, University of Latvia.
Institute of Solid State Physics

Founded 1978 on the basis of the Laboratory of Semiconductor Physics (1962) and the Laboratory of Ferroelectricity and Piezoelectricity (1968) of the Faculty of Physics and Mathematics.

The strategy of the Institute of Solid State Physics of the University of Latvia is based on: 
  • scientific experience, quality of the performance, and original interdisciplinary approach;
  • international cooperation; 
  • dialogue with the society and ethical principles; 
  • drawing the young talanted people to careers in science; 
by which setting the goals responding to the challenge of of the 21-st century – development of knowledge-based products and competitive technologies in Latvia and Europe.

Scientific topics:
  • Research of optical gradient and thermo-optical properties of NaNbO3 thin films, optical properties of Ba0.8Sr0.2TiO3 films, thermal expansion studies of PLZT x/85/15 solid solutions, as well as optical investigations of BST/PZT superlattices. 
  • Research of "up-conversion" processes (multi photon excitation, IR light conversion to VIS) in different materials: crystals, glasses and glass ceramics doped with rare-earth ionsSynthesis of the materials (glass melting, crystal growth, chemical synthesis), material characterization (X-Ray Diffraction, Differential Thermal Analysis, Scanning Electron Microscopy) and optical properties (stationary and time-resolved luminescence, absorbance). 
  • Determination of organic material electro-optical coefficients by Mahs – Zender interferometer method. 
  • Low-temperature, high fervency plasma investigations by spectroscopic methods. 
  • Study of electroluminescent in organic materials. 
  • Holographic recording in polymer materials containing azobenzine derivatives. 

Institute of Atomic Physics and Spectroscopy 

Development of unique designs, components and devices for optical fiber quality assessment, fiber-optic sensing, optical communications, illumination technology, laser medicine and optical non-invasive diagnostics.

The main research area is a non-thermal plasma investigation, application and diagnostics by means of different, mainly, high-resolution spectroscopy methods. First, the excitation energy transfer processes in collisions of the second kind between atoms were investigated. The most important study object was the mixture of mercury and thallium. The method of spectral line shape measurements by means of pressure scanned high-resolution Fabry-Perrot interferometer was put into practice and gradually developed. Beginning from 80's till now, the group deals with the development of high-frequency electrodeless discharge lamps. The investigation and optimisation of these lamps for use in scientific apparatus was carried out. On the basis of high-frequency discharge plasma investigations, a new technology of production of high-frequency electrodeless lamps, containing pure rare and other gases (He, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe, H2) as well as metals Hg, Te, Se, Cd, Bi, Zn, Tl, Sn, Sb, Pb, As, Rb, In and multi-element fillings, like Hg + Cd, Hg + Zn, Hg + Zn + Cd, Se+Te, In+Sb was developed (13 patents). Special attention has been paid to preparation and investigation of electrodeless light sources filled with separate mercury isotope and combined elements for their use in high-precision Hg-vapour analyser and quantum magnetometers. The mercury-argon discharge plasma is under the investigation in order to evaluate the discharge efficiency. The excitation and ionisation of plasma, the spectral line profiles and intensities versus the high-frequency discharge conditions have been studied using time and spatially resolved spectroscopy methods. By the means of mathematical modeling and curve-fitting method of the interferometric data, the discharge parameters and interaction constants have been estimated.


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